Being abandoned is one of the most devastating situations a person can endure. We are all created for relationships that are strong and supportive. When it comes to our friends we expect them to be there for us during difficult times. It the stuff life is made of.

I remember one situation in which I was left flat by a supposed friend who I had known since elementary school. During some recess in High School we were hanging out together and some other student came by and made a derogatory remark against me and started laughing. This was understandable because this person was always causing trouble and had his sites set on giving me grief. What was most devastating was not his attack on me but the fact that my friend started laughing with him!

The lack of support and my friend’s reaction was far more damaging than the initial attack from my nemesis. It led me to start closing down and keeping people at arms distance. It fear our society in large is doing the same thing.

There are times in life when we feel like others have abandoned us. What’s more sometimes we feel this way with our relationship with God. Jesus tells us he will not leave us as orphans. Yet it doesn’t always feel that way. For two months public masses have been suspended. Many have feel abandoned; many feel God is missing lately.

Yet Christ was not a weak human that succumbed to pressures and influences that pushed Him to self-protection. He permitted himself to suffer and die at the hands of others. He permitted himself to be vulnerable. For our sake and for our salvation He exposed himself to the worst influences in the society when He was on earth.

We have the tendency to see things purely from a psychological or physical concern, especially during our battle with the Corona virus. It’s all about self-defense. As Christians we can fall into this trap of self-focus and protection. No one wants to be vulnerable yet we are fooling ourselves if we think we can completely control every situation or environment. We are not invincible, only Christ is.

The Christian life is not about self-protection and being constantly on the defensive. That’s not to say that we don’t take proper precautions or make wise decisions. God gave us a brain to critically think through a situation. But that decision can’t be based purely on physical or secular approaches. We live by the supernatural faith Christ gives us first through Baptism and the other Sacraments. This is why Jesus said He would not leave us as alone. He is with us always. It’s very easy to give up on God if we miss the other part of the equation; that our spiritual condition is far more important than our physical life.

We need to come to the realization that we are vulnerable, and that it’s that same vulnerability that will save us: because we see the need for Jesus and His grace. Humility is key in the Christian life. Many times the feeling of abandonment really translates to our turning away from Him not Him from us. We think we can handle things when we can’t.

Let’s trust in Jesus and His words coming to Him in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament now that Churches are open and available. Let us start rebuilding our relationship with Christ if it has faltered lately and rededicate our lives to Him and His Church.