Mirrors are interesting things. Basically they are made of clear glass that receives various coats of metals and paints on its backside to create the reflective properties in which we can see our own reflection. During the process there are many scrubbing and polishing that occur. The least flaw or imperfection in the glass and its finishes will create a distorted reflection. We see this in fun house mirrors that distort our image on purpose.

Throughout the Gospels and in particularly today’s Gospel Jesus speaks of glorifying the Father. In all Christ did and said on earth He was a total reflection of God in heaven. Since He had taken on our humanity His divinity was shrouded or hidden. To the average person He looked like anyone else yet people experienced something very different by the manner in which Jesus spoken and lived; the person Jesus was being directed by someone else, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. People could not explain it but they saw it.

To glorify God in the manner Jesus speaks of today goes beyond just praising Him.

We must reflect God in all we say and do. Words are not enough. Platitudes about Jesus and knowing Him are not enough. What really counts and what really illustrates that we are attempting to glorify God, is our approach to life. It is a supernatural focus concerned about our oneness with God. Listen to the words of Bishop St. Cyril of Alexandria.

If we have given up our worldly way of life and submitted once for all to the laws of the Spirit, it must surely be obvious to everyone that by repudiating, in a sense, our own life, and taking on the supernatural likeness of the Holy Spirit, who is united to us, our nature is transformed so that we are no longer merely men, but also sons of God, spiritual men, by reason of the share we have received in the divine nature. We are all one, therefore, in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are one in mind and holiness, we are one through our communion in the sacred flesh of Christ, and through our sharing in the one Holy Spirit.”

Glorifying God means giving up an approach to life that is secular and focused solely on the here and now. We are to guard our physical health and wellbeing of course but true health both mentally and physically come by a healthy and solid spiritual life. These last two and a half months, as difficult as they have been physically and psychologically, have also been a time of testing for us in the spiritual life. Do we see God as the center of our lives or careers, businesses, and entertainment what counts most?

God permits trials in our lives to scrub and polish us like a mirror. Let’s look at this recent period of time (regardless of our opinions on what the government or the Church should have or shouldn’t have done) to reassess where we are in our relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our goal as Christians is to be a true reflection of His glory; that is His nature, His holiness and His love toward others. If we are honest, we will realize that we possess many spiritual imperfections that distort the image of God in us. Let’s rededicate our lives to being the truest reflection or revelation of Christ to the world.