Parish Council Notes: 21 March 2019
Fr. Micale
Rod French
Shelley Cahill
Dave Huffman
Tim Lawlor
Michelle Larmay

The meeting opened with a prayer led by Fr. Micale.

The Council accepted last month’s meeting minutes.

Old Business: Insurance paid for $4000 to have the roof over the Rectory replaced as the wind blew off a significant portion of the shingles.
Announcements for the Council elections will be made during next weekend services. P.C.
President French will also speak at the Masses to inform the congregation what the P.C. has accomplished in the past year.
The Council meeting minutes should be published on the website. They will be sent to Kathy Kennedy electronically for inclusion on the site or bulletin.

New Business: The Parish Council looks to amend the bylaws to make them more apropos for St. Mary’s Parish.

Next meeting is at 1830 on April 25.

Father Micale closed the meeting with a prayer.