About Us

Mission Statement

We are the Roman Catholic Community of St. Mary’s Parish, Cambridge, Vermont. We are sharing God’s love, striving to exemplify Christ’s life through our actions and growing in our relationship with God by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that our faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit finds its highest expression through our participation in the liturgy and we believe that the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph helps us in our daily profession of belief in the presence of God in our lives. Both are meant to enhance community worship and to deepen personal spiritual life.

We believe that as Catholic Christians we have a duty to spread the Good News and that a primary task of our parish is to provide education and formation opportunities to our children, high school and college students, and for our adults.

We believe that everyone is endowed with personal gifts from God for the community and ought to be invited to participate especially in liturgy, as well as in all other parish programs.

We hope to implement our beliefs by frequently celebrating the Eucharist together, as well as by sharing in all the other sacraments in community whenever possible; by evangelizing and living our faith daily, by providing quality religious education for all ages; by reaching out to those in need, in our parish and in the wider community; and by reflecting unity in Christ by working together in all our parish organizations.

In all that we do, let us be inspired by the worlds of the Lord Jesus Christ, “Love on another as I have loved you!”